Harry Stevens

Harry Stevens

Harry Stevens is a writer based in New York. He's written for the Atlantic, the Washington Post, the Salt Lake Tribune, the Columbia Journalist and other publications.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Black tenant alleges racism at Utah apartment building

A 66-year-old black man has filed a housing-discrimination complaint against the management of a Salt Lake City apartment building for the elderly and disabled.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah protesters demand justice for Dillon Taylor, others killed by police

Protesters lined the sidewalk across the street from Salt Lake City police headquarters Monday afternoon to express their outrage at a spate of recent police shootings of unarmed people.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Mother seeks remains of lost son who died in Utah

Mary Hagadus is eager for her son’s remains to be returned to her in Michigan by the end of the month.

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The Atlantic

Where Life Is: The Search for a Planet Like Ours

The hunt for Earth-like planets is hampered by funding issues, but scientists still believe.

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The Washington Post

Holy Land Christians hope Pope Francis' visit might revive peace talks

With the last round of peace talks between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority stalled if not moribund, some are hoping that a scheduled visit by Pope Francis to the Holy Land in May will breathe new life into the peace process.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Rainbow Family aspires to create 'sacred' space in Utah woods

Robert Calvin Gordon III, seated comfortably in his wheelchair and clutching an old wooden mandolin, is describing the plot of his first, only and still-to-be-published novel. The title is Gone with the Whales.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Salt Lake City officer who shot dog is Trolley Square 'hero'

Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank police confirmed Friday that the officer who shot and killed a dog last week while searching for a missing child was Brett Olsen.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Ex-Utah utility executive was hired while on the run from Canada

Citizens of Heber City are outraged over revelations that a former local utility executive who allegedly stole thousands of dollars from the company was under investigation for a similar crime in Canada when he was hired by Utah officials eight years ago.

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The Salt Lake Tribune

Utah police are solving crimes through social media

Along with cute kittens, biting babies and rap remixes, YouTube channel surfers can expect, now more than ever, to see videos of crimes posted by police departments.

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Record Number of U.S. Companies Issuing Sustainability Reports

2011 was the first year ever that a majority of S&P 500 issued sustainability reports, enjoying higher financial returns than their competitors.

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Fed Replacing LEED as Preferred Certification for Green Buildings?

A review of certification systems has commentators worried that the government may weaken its green building requirements for federal buildings.

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IBM buys from its own supply of recycled electronics

As major electronics companies continue to be accused of planning obsolescence into products, an IBM program focused on making good use of that old e-waste has been thriving.
IBM’s Global Asset Recove...

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Whole Foods to Grow Produce on Roof of New Brooklyn Store

Scheduled to open this fall, the greenhouse will be the first commercial scale farm of its kind integrated within a retail grocery space.

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Patagonia Creates $20M Fund to Invest in Eco-Friendly Startups

Patagonia has launched a fund called $20 Million & Change" to invest in environmentally responsible startup companies.

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Child labor concerns across Hershey's supply chain prove it pays to ...

Earlier this month, Whole Foods said it has halted orders of Scharffen Berger chocolates -- one of The Hershey Company's artisan chocolate brands -- over concerns about child labor in Hershey's West African supply chain. Whole Foods says the chocolates will remain off store shelves “pending receiving further information from Hershey’s.”